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What I DO

Chris Dixon-Hughes

Chris Dixon-Hughes

My life mission is to help people where ever I can, using the skill and expertise I’ve developed over the years. To do this, I have operated several businesses in various fields including technology, marketing and wellness.

Elevating IT is my technology company which is my current primary business focus. Specialising in Cyber Security, Network Design, Cloud Services, Disaster Recovery, Endpoint/Server Protection, Domain Names & Hosting, Website Design/Maintenance, NBN connections and IP phone systems to name a few.

Our mission is to elevate & continue Elevating your business through practical and appropriate IT solutions tailored to fit your business direction. We offer high-quality products and services at great prices to ensure you get the best value.

Previous Business Activity
NextGen Marketing, different from the standard marketing agency. Our mission; to bring your raving fans directly to your door and help promote your business through these fans and others.

Specialising in creating online communities, ambassador programs, social media engagement, brand alignment and creating affiliate programs. Also offering standard digital marketing projects including e-newsletters, eBooks, websites and much more. Our aim is to produce content at low cost, high value with a fast turn around.
NextGen Marketing core activities have recently been absorbed into Elevating IT

NextGen Wellness helped people to feel and be their best. Empowering men and women to create a better life experience by providing wellness support and education as well as a series of products and services that help people to achieve their goals.

Our mission is to make a positive difference to your health using a modern, authentic and holistic approach to your lifestyle goals.

Currently, NextGen Wellness is decommissioned as I focus on other business activities.

My Values

These values below are not just mere words, they describe a way of life…


Integrity, in my opinion, is becoming a rare value. It’s a quality that I look for in my team and business partners and even clients because for me it represents dedication.


I aim to always be my true self which helps me to make genuine connections. My primary focus is to get the best outcome for people in whatever capacity I can.


I am honest to myself, to the people I deal with (and love) – life works better when you lead with honesty. This is one of the values that helps me to be my best.


Loyalty is the foundation for all my other values. It helps me to create a solid connection with the business and people I’m working with and further drives my commitment and passion for the work I do.


I find it really satisfying to see the projects I’m working on right through to completion. My determination and self-motivation drives me to get the best possible end result to help my clients achieve their goals.


I make a point of respecting people’s perspective as we work together and when receiving their input. My empathy helps to allow us to achieve our best work as a team.

above all else i am


Above all else I am human and while I aspire to the above values I am also not naive enough to think that I won’t falter on occasion. As a result, I look at these occasions to grow and evolve.




Empowering you to create a better life experience and personal potential…

Chris Dixon-Hughes

Chris Dixon-Hughes

When I was at my first job – about 20 years ago – one of my best mates from school called me and asked me for help with a business opportunity he had found (because I was better at business studies than him). I then became involved with the business and that’s where it all began.


The journey itself through business took me on a personal development quest to find and better myself. Major influencers throughout this time included one of my coaches who owned the company and invited me and my team on regular occasions to their house and boat and gave development, coaching and speaker sessions which really shaped me.

The thing that stood out to me was that no matter how successful my mentor became, he remained genuine, honest, humble and all the other values that I aspire to, still to this day. He really influenced me by keeping his integrity. That business was eventually bought out by a New Zealand company that specialised in health and wellness which was my first taste of the wellness industry.

I immediately got to work in the wellness industry and that evolved into NextGen Wellness. It’s important to me to maintain my values and I found it particularly satisfying because was able to help people create positive, impactful lifestyle changes – which I’m particularly passionate about. Wellness was always in my blood as my grandfather (a highly-regarded surgeon) has worked until recently in health and wellness preventative action for many years.

Alongside my wellness business, I continued to work passionately on the technology business with my uncle who is an expert in the field. And so NextGen Tek was born later to evolve into Elevating IT. A geek since my family’s first IBM XT in the 80’s. I saw a niche in the security side of the technology business, which is why I put my focus there and it’s continued to grow and evolve. I really care about my customers and their long-term well-being which is another reason this sector sits well with me and has become an integral part of my business.

I started NextGen Marketing as a platform to help small businesses, like me, market their products and services correctly. I want to help people like me, who want to do something in business – but didn’t have the knowledge or skills to execute it – to build it into something successful that brings them plenty of business. As I’ve been running businesses for many years.

Behind the scenes I enjoy keeping fit – through cycling and swimming; playing with our pets (Puddy, Piper, Bella and the Newest addition Maddy), cooking and spending time with my friends, family and my wife Katrina. I love to know how things work, working on the farm with my parents, flying my drone, meeting new people, fixing stuff and learning new things.



Elevating IT

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